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Understanding the Qualities of a Good Cruelty-Free Nail Gel

Do you ever wonder why there is a fuss about environmental degradation? Well, the truth is that there is a need to protect everything nature offers with the vigour it deserves. Today's environmental degradation doesn't come from big industrial setups alone. It has extended to the small things that are likely to go unnoticed, such as the products you use to beautify your nails. Some of the raw materials used to make these products can endanger different animal species. When buying gel for your nails, go for cruelty-free nail gels that help sustain the environment. Here are the qualities of an excellent cruelty-free nail gel product: 

There Is an Emphasis on Vegan Raw Materials

The first attribute of an excellent cruelty-free nail gel is an emphasis on vegan products. Here, manufacturers replace animal-based raw materials with vegetarian ones. The objective here is to use raw materials derived from plants because most plant species have shorter maturity cycles than animals. For instance, a common plant ingredient in nail gel is cellulose nitrate derived from cotton. Cotton takes about seven months to grow, which is shorter than most animals would need to grow from birth to a point where the manufacturers can harvest the required raw materials, 

Plant-based raw materials also eliminate the need for subjecting animals to painful procedures and laxatives to get the products needed to make your nail gel.

Animals Are Not Part of the Testing Procedures

The best cruelty-free nail polish makers also exclude animals from testing procedures. Testing means removing the animals from their natural environments, confining them and applying chemicals to see the reaction on their skin, nails or fur. Indeed, this has no regard for the animal's feelings of pain and stress. Furthermore, their inability to express themselves coherently means that chemists might be torturing them without knowing. Going for cruelty-free gels means that none of the ingredients pass through animal testing procedures. 

Quality Is Key

The general assumption is that cruelty-free nail gels aren't strong on quality. That's wrong. Manufacturers work hard to ensure that nails gels free of animal by-products come in a range of vibrant colours, quick-dry formulas and durable finishes. You can also count on them to be chip-resistant over the period you'll have them on your nails. In short, going for cruelty-free nail gels doesn't mean you are compromising on the quality of the products you use. They are just a clever way of looking out for many animals on the planet.

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